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Free Shipping - 24/7 Support

ShoeMe - Luxury Shoe Storage

Color: Purple

Put Your Beloved Shoe Collection On Display!

Shoes, shoes, shoes, I LOVE SHOES! Are you a sneaker-head or someone with a huge shoe collection? Replace those dusty shoe bins with see through ShoeMe luxury shoe boxes so you can actually see and enjoy your collection!

ShoeMe was designed with clear front plastic so that you can see your shoes making it so much easier to organize, and enjoy

Save space with the stackable box design allowing you to fit more shoes in more places with less space.. it's starting to feel like a shopping spree kind of day!

Extremely easy to assemble these little wonder workers come flat packed, so all you have to do is put up the 4 walls and snap them together! So sturdy you can stand on them! But yeah, don’t..

So whether you’re trying to save some space, organize your shoes, or just enjoy your collection more ShoeMe can make your life a less messy, less cluttered, more enjoyable place to be!


Viewability - with clear reinforced plastic garage flap you can easily view the contents of the boxes without having to go into them!

Stackability - these indispensable little boxes are stackable so you can safely and securely stack them on top of each other making more space for more shoes

Durability - ShoeMe luxury shoe boxes are made with reinforced plastic siding so strong you can stand on them which means they will last the test of time!

Our Guarantee - If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you, feel free to send us an email at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money. No questions asked!