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Free Shipping - 24/7 Support

LindasBakes - Pastry Baking Mat

Color: Green

A Pastry Mat Made For Clean And Easy Baking

Finally, an easy and simple way to make baking more enjoyable and hassle-free. Introducing LindasBakes- Convenience, durable and reliability all-in-one.

Made with highly flexible and durable silicone padding for easy baking. Whether that's kneading bread, rolling out pita, pizza dough the possibilities are endless.

Non-stick material so it not a single inch of dough sticks to it and makes it easy to wash afterward.

Keeping a clean kitchen after your baking adventure has never been easier. LindasBakes is the right perfect mat for professionals and baking enthusiasts all across the globe. 

Key benefits

  • Easy to Use- When working with LindasBakes your next baking adventure will be so much easier. Great for kneading bread, rolling out pita, pizza, pie dough the list goes on.

  • Easy To Clean- Which makes cleaning up afterward a breeze. Non-stick material makes it easy to wash right off so all you have to do is give it a little rinse and repeat and you're ready to bake in no time.

  • Non-Stick & Durable- Nothing will stick to the mat. The material is durable and easily washable. Ensuring that nothing stays stuck to the mat and can last you for a lifetime of baking.